Brand development and maintenance
Objective: development and comprehensive support of the visual identity of the MEGAROS brand, including the development of elements and carriers of advertising, business and information communication. When creating an identity, you must consider the color scheme and logo of the parent company AutoDistribution International.
MEGAROS is part of the AD Russia group, a group of distributors of automotive components, spare parts, motor oils, industrial fluids and lubricants, which is part of AutoDistribution International, the largest European trading group of auto parts distributors.
A visual identification system was developed for MEGAROS, including basic elements - logo options and rules for its use, company colors and combinations, layout templates. Based on the basic elements, the necessary business documentation was developed: letterhead for letters and offers, business cards, envelopes; communication media: navigation elements, badges, car design; souvenir products: bag, t-shirt, calendar; standards for the design of facades.

For high-quality and correct use of identity elements, a guide was developed containing rules and standards for the work of company employees, designers and printers. The manual includes all ready-made images and layouts in vector format.
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