We develop a full range of brands based on research and data
How do we create a brand
7 stages of brand development
Briefing and customer needs assessment and brand audit
In the case of developing a new brand, we remove the needs and vision of the client. As a result, we formulate the terms of reference for naming and the visual component of the brand, a list of the necessary media and their characteristics. As a result of brand audit, we determine the goals of building a brand strategy; We conduct a SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunities and dangers) of the brand; we make a conclusion on the competitive environment (mapping). If you need to rebrand, we analyze the current brand communication.
We conduct a series of in-depth interviews: in accordance with the methodology of design thinking, we talk with real consumers and identify insights about their needs firsthand. We conduct interviews with market experts for a deeper understanding of the history and essence of the business, as well as the goals and strategies for the continued existence of the client's business. As a result, we get a description of interests, drivers, and consumption barriers. We analyze brands, corporate styles and positioning of competitors. We explore the best world examples of positioning and communication in the category.
We draw general conclusions on positioning: we formulate a unique trading and value proposition.
Brand metaphor
We translate the essence of the brand into the figurative plane of perception for the transition from a trademark to a brand.
Brand platform
We describe the platform and the nature of the brand in the mood-video or mood-board format. We formulate the brand legend - insight and advantage.
Verbal brand identification
We analyze existing names and their concepts. We generate concepts and variants of names. Testing the names (hall test or focus group). Check the name for patent purity. We create additional elements in the area of copywriting.
Visual brand identity
We develop and coordinate the sketchy options for the basic identity (logo, colors, concept). We finalize the selected option and finally agree. We create attributes, design system, media. Presenting the ideas of corporate identity with a basic set of media. In the presentation we present how the brand works in the outside world and inside the company. We develop a brand book.
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