New identity design for real estate agency
New identity design for real estate agency
Objective: to develop a new visual identity for the NSB Real Estate Agency, which includes elements and carriers of advertising, business and information communication.
The visual solution of the sign is based on a box opening in two directions (association — moving), the shape of the cube is a house, a room. Based on the mark, a pattern has been developed that can be applied to any media: from website design, to business cards and advertising. Depending on the situation, you can simulate various forms of the pattern in any proportions.
The result was a set of visual aids, united by a brand book and including a huge number of elements and media: from print to web.

For high-quality and correct use of identity elements, a guide was developed containing rules and standards for the work of company employees, designers and printers. The manual includes all ready-made images and layouts in vector format.
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